Have you ever seen the rain?

(So I wanted to do something different than poetry. Also I listened to this song and I have become obsessed with it because it is the question that isn’t leaving my brain. As far as I can think, here is my answer. So let’s start with a suitable starting.)

Of all the questions that keep striking my head. There’s one question whose answer seems so easy yet almost impossible to answer. No it is not ‘What is time? or Who made this universe?’ It is rather a simple question, from a song named  ‘Have you ever seen the rain?Well anybody will answer it yes, of course every human has seen the rain. But when you listen to the entire song, when your heart feels it. You realise the song actually asks a very important aspect of one’s life.

The answer to the question is obviously different. It depends on one’s perception towards his own life as not every life is same. Going back to the question it asks ‘Has anyone seen the sad moments while experiencing those happy moments? Like a metaphor for sunshower. Yeah it is true. Think of everyone, while growing up everybody remains happy that finally they will get to do adult things. But what lefts behind is childhood, perhaps the most happiest part of everybody’s lives. Leaving behind your loved ones to do something different. Leaving behind your school mates to advance in life. We forget those sad moments we’re about to experience after these happy time.

For me it is those sad moments which I even forget to realise in those joyous times. For many it may be the opposite. But there is one thing that is not easy, which is the answer to the singer’s question. And Ia Ia I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?

What they’ll say about us?

My whole life,

I was taught,

If I cross the society’s boundary,

I’ll be caught,

by the cuss of their showery.

To think,

What they’ll say about us?

Avoid becoming distinct,

What are they gonna say about us?

Driven by the people’s thoughts,

At times, I did fear,

What will they say,

If I don’t live upto them,

Then, I’ll become another ordinary cliché.

But as I drowned in this small thinking,

I forgot who I was,

My personality didn’t stand convincing,

Becoming a product of fake applause.

My mind yells my body to get out,

It doesn’t,

But is it procrastination?

It is not easy, it is hard as a prison breakout.

Still I struggle to escape,

Urging to be helped.

But I find almost none to trust,

Who doesn’t care,

“What they’ll say about us?”


Chasing me countlessly,

I get startled everytime I see you,

You make no sound,

Your extant means no bound.

Thinking the purpose of your existence,

I always fail,

How do you even materialize,

You are not just a thing,

You are a part of the creation’s brilliance.

Attached with the light,

It is your love,

But you only appear when I am there,

Wait, are we connected in a love triangle?

You don’t make me feel alone,

Like a twin, obsessed with my gestures,

who has always remained unknown,

who has always been a hidden treasure.

Nevertheless of being so romantic,

You never speak,

But it is your beauty,

And making me lost in you, is thee technique.

You are my Sĥàďóŵ’


A feeling when remembered called ‘nostalgia’ occurs in mind,

Experiencing it, one’s emotions make him remind,

Feeling those emotions for that moment, makes him blind,

Becoming blind in those emotions, we recall every heart was kind.

When thought about childhood every person in our life is remembered,

where every single person was a prestigious member,

where every member loved us unconditionally,

now there barely exists love, which is given to us only exceptionally.

Childhood was great,surrounded by mates,

Whenever went to bed, we dreamt superhero dreams which our eyes would laid.

Now those memories make my eyes wet.

That time the reward we used to get was a good sleep,

sleep from more deeper than the ocean of 1000 miles deep,

Now what we all do is just weep.

Childhood was awesome,

Each moment had its beauty,

where in each joyous moments we had a drink named ‘frooty’,

now we all have towards those moments is a duty.

We all used to wonder why won’t this childhood runaway,

And all that we wish today is,




I never thanked you all,

Yet continued on my path,

Neglecting the people on my side,

As my mind was filled with verses’ wrath.

But today,

Gracias for being with me,

Sticking with my foolish words,

Setting me free,

into this ocean where words are submerged.

Thee all are the cause for my smile,

Reason for my motive,

The reason for my poetry’s style,

You worked for me like a psychoactive.

My audience,

you are like an aurora,

who has mixed with the dusky dawn ,

where the fusion becomes the box of pandora,

which exists from somebody’s beyond.

But no matter how much I gracias,

I will forever stay,

But as long as you will,

and no matter what, I will say “hey”!

PS:- (This is not a love poetry, this is for you all)


Everybody runs from I,

thinks I am corrupt,

that I acidify,

a symbol of disgust.

I breakout,

Leaping high in the dark,,

Mysteries to be unlocked,

I yell in a shock:

“”” Halt me,

I don’t know where I’m going.


I don’t know from where I’m coming.

Like a person with Alzheimer,

The moment here, the next moment there,

stuck in-between barbed wire,

Have become impossible to repair.

Save me as I shall die,

Wait I’m here to, but I don’t want to.””

My own words sound like a cliché,

But my love for myself has ended,

Who has became a object of paraphrase,

and a meaningful malignant infected.


I met her after a long pulse,

trying to make her recognise me,

Whose mind has become a big disgust,

Whose mind is weeping on a knee.

Remembering her, forgetting myself, my whole life,

Being nostalgic in her memories,

Every moment my heart has cried,

Where every moment fell like centuries.

Seeing her whole gesture changed,

My fantasy got shocked,

Trying to cope with her new attained,

I had the feeling of being mocked.

She wore glasses like a menage,

Dressed like a jungle sage.

But a heavenly fairy at the present,

Her attire was like a beautiful swage.

She had forgotten who I was? Yes she did,

But the question is..

Where was I this amid?

Because the passage of time had made me unknown,

Left alone.

But the thing is for sure,

I’ll pursue her like a soul overthrown.


Waiting for the sign of times,

My eyes shut deep,

Being able to define divines,

I wasn’t able to weep.

Trapped beyond afterlife,

I forced them to open,

But my contagious attempt was just able to ignite a line,

If it be crossed, the afterlife itself becomes broken.

The voice on the other side called,

The devil in the dark it addressed,

I got offended,

Pretending to be overwhelmed, I comprehended.

It warned me of the prophecy,

The prophecy of the dead,

That if the line touched, an inception of a catastrophe,

Where I won’t be able to wake again.


I didn’t dare to cross,

I sat in the devil of dark,

Being the devil of the dark,

Quenching my spread thoughts,

Waiting the gate to be unlocked!


I am eternal,

But not so inevitable,

Spinning around this gigantic burning universal,

Teleporting with fancy inseparable.

You may think me as an entity,

But I’m just a thing,

Who does not have an identity,

Whose work is just to execute anything.

You may get surprised if you try to act,

Because there’s no beginning or end,

It’s like an intoxication, you only get attracted.

& if started there’s no wish to suspend.

Individuals consider me as a snatcher,

A snatcher of the virtue,

But in reality it doesn’t even matter,

Cause’ Destiny always hurts you.

I don’t heed to drill my eminence,

I just narrate who I am.

It isn’t my arrogance,

It’s the existence of the universe’s plan.

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